It is completely free to join Calderdale NAS. If you wish to become a member of our CNAS community please follow the link below

We welcome people on the autistic spectrum/ families/ carers and professionals. We also welcome people who have been through the screening process for autism and are now awaiting their multi- disciplinary assessment. We recognise that this can be a difficult and uncertain time for families and would like you to feel supported by our CNAS community. We have a Facebook page for Calderdale NAS members but ask that this is for people with autism, families and carers. The page provides peer support and is not a source of professional input. To join our Facebook group you will need to be a member of the branch. A volunteer will then contact you.

If you are a CNAS member on the waiting list, and following your multi-disciplinary assessment find that you have not received an autism diagnosis, we would like you to stay with the branch as an ‘Associate Member’. Please email the branch so we can transfer your membership to our ‘Associate Member’ list. If you wish to be removed from our member’s register then just click on the link to unsubscribe.

If you would like to stay part of our CNAS community you can continue to be a member of our Facebook group and attend our events and activities, but we will have to prioritise places for members with a diagnosis for autism. We recognise that you may have formed friendships and committments to CNAS and want you to continue to be supported and value your contributions to the branch.

Join Us

It is completely free to join Calderdale NAS. Become a member today.

Please note we are in a period of change and are hoping to reinstate our monthly e-newsletter very soon. As a professional, or interested party, we welcome your membership. Please email the branch to let us know that you have joined the branch and are a professional and you will receive the e-newsletter but the links may not be active.

We will be reviewing our membership form arrangements in the future, but if you are a member already you will be notified about this via email. Any problems with joining the branch please email us whilst we are editing our methods of joining.

If you are a member of the National Autistic Society, please nominate the Calderdale Branch as your nominated branch. This will then mean a portion of you NAS membership fee goes directly to Calderdale NAS and therefore directly contribute to providing support and activities provided by the branch.

Once your membership is processed, you can contact the NAS membership team on or call the NAS supporter care team on 0808 800 1050 to ask for part of your membership monies to go to Calderdale Branch.